Change Creators

For decades we’ve heard people say what they would’ve done if they were alive during the times of Malcolm X, Dr. King and the black panthers. With police brutality and racism as high as ever, now is the time.
We are currently in the middle of this generations civil rights/ human rights movement.
Being an activist is 50% showing up and being present. Strength in numers really matter, it shows that the community is concerned about the well being of one another and we are in this together . “An injustice to one of us is an injustice to all of us !” Dr. King
The other 50% is learning and educating ourselves about how this system works. Being intentional, and placing our frustrations and towards the elected officials who we can hold accountable or vote them out!
Download the Empowrd app at Google.
To stay in tune wit us and everything that goes on in your community.
We all have a role to play in this fight against systematic oppression. It is up to ourselves accountable to being apart of the change that this country needs.

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